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Leap of Faith Quiz
& Sample of 'Finding Faith After Exodus'

A Relationship Quiz & Sample of EBook about Finding Faith after an Oppressive relationship written by Lacy Estelle ( & Sarah Allman (

Sometimes in the excitement of our first few dates getting to know someone, it's hard to distinguish what we are missing about the other person. With the Leap of Faith quiz, you will get a scoring sheet that might help you better see your blind spots.

In Lacy & Sarah's EBook, Finding Faith after Exodus, they focus on understanding how God views our oppressors and also how to deals with them. Helping us to realize how much God is with us, even when we feel most alone.

In Finding Faith after Exodus, we focus on understanding‚Äč God's unending love for us and our true worth. The way God designed marriage and relationships, and how to take refuge in our one true savior.

Who is Lacy Estelle?

Lacy Estelle is a Domestic Violence survivor, who primarily talks to adults struggling with ADHD or any mental illness. After spending most of her life undiagnosed, she realized that ADHD was the primary reason she had made so many both good and poor decisions. Through better understanding of her own mental health, she has chosen to reach out through the internet to seek other women who may be struggling the same things she has. Toxic relationships, impulsive choices, struggle to manage time and more. Are all part of her journey to more faith in Christ than ever before.

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